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Private QuickBooks Training Calgary

Dymas Services Private QuickBooks training is available to clients in Calgary and some surrounding areas. Please continue reading for full details on this service.

Private QuickBooks Training at Your Home or Office - $349/Day

Private QuickBooks instruction in the privacy of your home or office is a great idea for self employed individuals and small business owners. Dymas Services Ltd. offers this very concept in the Calgary, AB area as well as neighboring communities. Get the same professional classroom quality instruction you would receive at any QuickBooks seminar or workshops with 100% of the instructor's focus on you. These at home QuickBooks training classes are lecture style. The QuickBooks instructor may bring a laptop or use your computer and your software depending on the situation. 


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Price for Private QuickBooks Training

Our minimum fee is $349/day for private QuickBooks tutoring. A day of training is 7 hours. You may arrange with the QuickBooks instructor to schedule a 4 hour or less QuickBooks training session for $250 depending on your location. Payments are to be made when booking the private QuickBooks training session. We offer full refunds for cancellations made at least 7 days in advance, however, refunds are forfeited when cancelling less than 7 days in advance. 

The price of $349/day or $250 for less than 4 hours of private in home QuickBooks training is per person. Discounts can be negotiated with multiple students/attendees. 

What to Expect from Private QuickBooks Training

If you are new to QuickBooks and have just started a small business or are experiencing growth in your business, our private in house QuickBooks training courses will teach you the basics quickly and effectively. Here's what your QuickBooks trainer will go over in the QuickBooks tutorial session: 

The Basics of QuickBooks - Part 1 of Private QuickBooks Training Sessions

  • Setting up a New QuickBooks File
  • Creating a New Company with Step-by-Step Guidance
  • Familiarizing you with the Home Page, Menus, and Icon Bars
  • Navigating your way around the QuickBooks Software Program

Intro to Chart of Accounts - Part 2 of Private QuickBooks Training Sessions

  • Creating New Accounts
  • Linking & working with Subaccounts
  • Editing & Merging Accounts
  • Deleting & Inactivating Accounts
  • Accounting Basics and working with the Chart of Accounts

Customers & Vendors - Part 3 of Private QuickBooks Training Sessions

  • Creating new customers & vendors
  • Creating & linking new job
  • Editing customer/vendor details
  • Deleting & inactivating customers and vendors

Intro to Items - Part 4 of Private QuickBooks Training Sessions

  • Understanding the difference between accounts and items
  • Working with different item types
  • Inventory and non-inventory parts
  • Creating items and sub items
  • Editing, deleting and inactivating items

Customer Transactions - Part 5 of Private QuickBooks Training Sessions

  • Creating an estimate for a customer job
  • Creating an invoice based on a previous estimate
  • Creating an invoice without an estimate
  • Creating a sales receipt
  • Receiving partial or full payment for an invoice
  • Depositing customer payments in the bank

Vendor Transactions - Part 6 of Private QuickBooks Training Sessions

  • Creating a purchase order
  • Receiving a purchase order into a bill
  • Creating a vendor bill without a purchase order
  • Bill payment 

Working with Bank & CC Acct - Part 7 of Private QuickBooks Training Sessions

  • Working with the cheque register
  • Entering income and expense data into the register
  • Using Write Checks vs. Bill Pay
  • Intro to Bank Reconciliation

Intro to Financial Reports - Part 8 of Private QuickBooks Training Sessions

  • Creating Profit & Loss Statements
  • Customizing and Comparing Profit & Loss Statements
  • Creating Balance Sheets
  • Creating Cashflow Statements

Private QuickBooks Training vs. QuickBooks Classes

There are certain advantages to private QuickBooks training that attending QuickBooks classes does not offer, though QuickBooks classes have their own set of benefits. The benefits in private QuickBooks tutoring in your home or office that we find most students appreciate are:
  • The QuickBooks ProAdvisor comes to your location. No getting lost on your way to the QuickBooks class. 
  • The Instructor works with you on your computer, checking your work. 
  • More attention, more chances to ask important questions regarding your specific issues with QuickBooks, more personal one-on-one time. 

Is One Private QuickBooks Training Course Enough?

QuickBooks accounting software programs are designed to preform complex tasks. A general accounting knowledge helps a lot. We suggest scheduling at least 4 QuickBooks training sessions though it is not a requirement. We find that spacing the training sessions out so that you take a private QuickBooks training course once a week works nicely, though back to back days will work as well. 

In some cases, private QuickBooks students can feel completely overwhelmed with information after a few private training sessions, especially if they do not have an accounting or business background. Dymas Services also offers bookkeeping and tax preparation as a service for small businesses and self employed individuals. We can contract your bookkeeping monthly or Quarterly if you wish not to do your own bookkeeping or tax preparation. 

Do You Offer Private QuickBooks Training Outside Calgary?

Yes, Dymas Services Ltd. offers private QuickBooks training in the Calgary area, including Calgary,  Chestermere, Airdrie, Cochrane, Strathmore, Black Diamond, Bragg Creek, Turner Valley, High River, Langdon, and Okotoks, Alberta. In fact, much of our business comes from those areas outside Calgary. We may charge a travel fee for mobile QuickBooks training done in your office or home for those living outside of the city of Calgary depending on your location.

Also, the 4 hour payment option of $250 is not available, those outside Calgary have a minimum service fee of $349/Day because of extra driving time spent on the road for the instructor to get to your home or office where the private QuickBooks training appointment is scheduled.

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